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About Us

We are International Trading (IT) Limited, a metals, minerals and scrap products trading company based in London, United Kingdom.  We have been trading for 18 years and incorporated since 1996.

In our 18 years of experience we have engaged in: 

bullet Mining projects for gold and tantalum in South America

bullet Purchase and sale of commodities (mainly rice and sugar) from South America and Asia

bullet Purchase and sale of metals and minerals from South America, Africa and Asia

bullet Purchase and sale of scrap metals and plastics from the UK to Europe, India and China

Our business is now concentrated on the trade of metal ore, mineral ore, scrap metal and scrap plastic.


Gold Mining Projects in Guyana

International Trading is able to offer assistance in the prospecting and mining of gold, precious stones and other minerals and metals in the resource rich Guiana Shield of Guyana, South America.

If you are interested in developing a gold mining partnership with us, then please e-mail us at:

Projects @ InternationalTrading.co.uk


We are pleased to provide you with our range of products and assure you that we operate within the boundaries of international standards of business and commerce.

We look forward to a developing a prosperous business relationship with you.

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